After having a static website with almost no content for around a decade I finally decided to start writing. See how this website used to look.

2017 — 2019

Name, and a few links.

Still no tweets, no commits.

2016 — 2017

Name, and nothing else.

Early 2015

Dad: “Why don’t you get a real job that pays?”

Early 2014.

I had published an android app.

Late 2013

I was a fan of localization.

Early 2013

Probably the first page I published, or maybe not.

I could not find older designs because they were never captured by the Internet Archive’s WayBack Machine.

Q/A Time!

What’s that GASC thing?

GASC is the abbreviation of Given Away Source Code. I wrote this thing as soon as I discovered there were things like software licenses. I decided to write my own license. Unfortunately, my license didn’t get adopted by many people because of the reasons I don’t know.

© Nj Subedi, <insert year here>, LOL

To preserve the legacy, I have kept the the GASC License page alive.

Did you really have a blog?

I never really had a blog; I used to write random stuff in blogger. The blog is still alive here.

Did you own a web design company?

No. I didn’t have a web design company. The page probably linked to a domain name that I had registered for fun. Credit goes to my friend, Saurav for inspiring me to do that, and helping me explore the world of web development.