Terms of Use

Well, here are a few things to keep in mind if you are browsing my personal blog.

  1. This is my personal blog and it may contain biased opinions.
  2. I can make changes to what I have already written or even delete some posts without notice.
  3. I have little to no time to verify if everything I wrote is accurate or useful for anyone.
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  5. I am not responsible for any consequences that may arise because of your voluntary use of this website.
  6. As the website owner, I try my best to protect it from unauthorized access. Still, if someone tries to gain unauthorized access to my server or tries to disrupt its operation, I would try to find and fix any vulnerability, limit access to the alleged intruder, and inform law enforcement when needed.
  7. I may post links to external websites, many of which wouldn’t belong to me; naturally, I don’t control what they do there, so just be careful out there and read their terms of use too.
  8. I don’t post objectionable content or show ads on this website, so this website is suitable for all age groups. In case you discovered someone found a way around the security measures I have in place and somehow uploaded any ads, malware or objectionable content, please contact me through the contact form, or send an email to my first name at Yarsa dot IO so I can do the needful.
  9. My writings are licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license. Basically, you can modify and redistribute my writings for non-commercial use as long as you don’t hold me liable for anything and put a link back to the original article.

I hope my writings provide you some information and a bit of social approval. Cheers!