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Your, product, service, or website has zero customers on the launch day. You wait until the end of the day, and the end of the week. People don’t seem interested in what you are offering. You have heard about people who had several hundred sales in the first week; they reached the height of success in their first shot. Here you are, still wondering why nobody is paying you for the project that seems like a brilliant idea. You anticipated this one would bring you a fortune. Well, not this time.

Startups are easy to start and hardly ever become successful. Most of the startups fail to continue as a business after existing for a short period. For a founder, being successful in growing a startup into a sustainable business is the ultimate goal. Failure is when you realize it is not worth investing your energy, time, and money on that venture anymore. That situation could arise when you need to keep working hard to keep the ship afloat, or the business is losing more money than it is making despite any effort. It is usual for a startup to lose money while the product is still under development, but after the product is launched, marketed and people have started to use your product, you should expect to see some paying customers.

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What percent you are sure about its success, and why? You are always unsure about it. But yeah, that’s what happens in every startup. Neither of those fortunate multi billion dollar companies had a clear view of today. They started small; they stayed small but they were different. They succeeded not because they needed success and struggled for it. It is because the world needed them; the market needed their products. They had built something that people urgently needed for solving their problem. Though very small niche of customers, they had permabent ones.

Gradually the niche spread out, and their 1000$ startup turned out to be multi B$ company.

What about you? Have you ever thought of a startup idea that would solve real world problems? Or you are just working on a ‘brilliant’ idea that came into your mind while you were taking a shit at a friend’s house last weekend? That doesn’t even matter!


You could have been a total NO – NO about sharing your private info publicly.

But why are you sharing those on social networks?

You had never thought you would stalk big people with a hope of learning about and from them. That would even sound crazy! But you have followed 100s, if not 1000s of people in twitter.

Got something? You’d better!

Don’t you be an idiot and spend hours of your precious time on bullshit idea.

Good luck with your new startup. Stay updated, stay smart.

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