The Given Away Source Code

The GASC License
Author: Nj Subedi

The GASC License ( Updated version at [URL DEPRECATED] )

You are obliged to abide by the following terms in order to use the source code! [1]

1. GASC stands for Given Away Source. The source code is given away by me. The code still belongs to me, and I hold the copyright. But I shared it with you, just like you would share your startup ideas with your friends.

2. This license is only valid for the source code files that I have written myself. If my code uses/references/includes parts from the code that other people wrote, for example: any software libraries used; the license of the included/used/referenced libraries shall take precedence over this license. [2]

3. You are free to do the following with the source code containing this license -

- Share the code with your family and friends and tell them that you built this cool stuff.

- Learn something from the source code and become a nerd/geek whatever.

- Copy the source code for answering the questions on forums.

- Copy the source code directly into your project and never give any credit.

- Modify the source code and forget the original version.

- Earn money off of the source code and keep it all.

- Make a rocket and go to the moon and never return back. ;)

- Create a slide show or a printed copy and take it to classroom to teach your students.

- Submit the source code as your assignment.

- Or do whatever the [F WORD REDACTED] you can do with it. 

4. This license may be modified at any date in future and any time of the day of any time zone I'll be living in.

5. This license is not backward or forward compatible. Any older versions of the license are subject to be compared with the online version residing at [URL DEPRECATED] and if there is a difference of one or more characters in the md5 hash of the alphanumeric characters present in the text of those two licenses, the online version existing in the URL, [URL DEPRECATED], will be considered valid, and the other invalid.

6. Probably this is the second last point- and now it exists. The phrase #5th point on this list can be modified by anyone who possesses the license, provided that not a single point except that point is affected by the meaning of the 5th point. The respective footnote [3] may also be removed or modified as long as it doesn't change the essence of the license in any way.

7. This license is licensed under the MIT License (

You are not allowed to do the following with the source code that mentions this license -

1. Print the source code on an unhygienic paper and eat it without medical prescription.

2. Sue me for any evil things that you think my code did.

3. Hold me responsible for any undocumented features / bugs in the source code.

4. Tell me, my colleagues, my family or relatives that you wrote that code – because you didn't. I don't care what you tell anyone else.

5. Try to convince me to do any bug fixes and modification for free.

[1] LOL JK! Do whatever the [F WORD CENSORED] you want, as long as you abide by the 2nd point about usage of source code written by other people or machines. 

[2] Each given away source code file must contain this license, or URL pointing to this license. Adding the URL yourself on the top of the file is not going to work.

PS: I can't stop calling this license a gassy license.