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Not a long time ago, I was invited to take part in an online survey related to COVID-19. The survey had a bunch of questions that asked me about my knowledge about the Pandemic, and the Corona Virus in general. The title looked legit at the first glance – “Knowledge, Attitudes and practices of the public towards the novel COVID-19 Pandemic“. Not so legit, to be honest; the inconsistent capitalization of the words and the phrase “novel COVID-19” made me raise my eyebrows.

Phishing Attack!

In the light of recent complaints from my friends and relatives about their passwords being stolen, and attempts to steal their one-time-password (OTP Codes), I decided to put together this article. First thing first – when someone accesses your Facebook account, it’s not that someone hacked Facebook to gain access to your account. In fact, you might have given your password to them without even knowing that you did.

Use Password Managers

Password managers are the tools (desktop and mobile apps) that help you store your passwords and other confidential information securely. Some of the tools are available for free, whereas some tools require you to pay a monthly fee. Once you download and install a password manager in all your devices, the passwords are automatically synced in all your devices. This article tries to convince you to use a password manager and insists you use one, even if you are not convinced.

Doing vs Learning

Recently a guy, say Mr. B. applied for a job in our company as an android app developer. As soon as he arrived in for the interview, his phone started ringing, and I allowed him to receive the calls. He received several phone calls during the interview session. After every next phone call, he’d tell me that some other company is calling him to join them. After he repeated the same thing twice, I decided to see what this guy has that I might have overlooked. I had made my initial judgment from his answers to a few of my questions related to android app development.


Your, product, service, or website has zero customers on the launch day. You wait until the end of the day, and the end of the week. People don’t seem interested in what you are offering. You have heard about people who had several hundred sales in the first week; they reached the height of success in their first shot. Here you are, still wondering why nobody is paying you for the project that seems like a brilliant idea. You anticipated this one would bring you a fortune. Well, not this time.


After having a static website with almost no content for around a decade I finally decided to start writing. See how this website used to look.

Why WordPress

Because why not. Running a blog on a shared hosting already has some limitations. But it took me less than 5 minutes to set this up using the built-in installer. I added one single CNAME record and a couple of lines in the default .htaccess file. I’m happy that everything is set up.